RX Ez3D.i

At our dental practice, we stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide our patients with the best dental care possible. We are proud to have the innovative diagnostic RX Ez3D-I, a 3D imaging technology that allows us to obtain a detailed and accurate view of our patients’ mouths and teeth.

The use of Ez3D-I RX in our dental diagnostics offers us numerous advantages. First of all, its imaging process is fast, convenient and does not cause any discomfort to the patient. In addition, the high-quality 3D images we obtain allow us to more easily and accurately detect a wide range of dental problems, such as cavities, infections, fractures, bone abnormalities and periodontal disease.

Thanks to this advanced technology, our dentists can make a more accurate diagnosis and develop more effective treatment plans. This means we can address dental problems in a more efficient and personalized manner, providing our patients with superior results and reducing the possibility of complications.

The Ez3D-I RX is especially beneficial for dental implant placement. By providing us with a clear and detailed view of the bone structure of the jaw, it allows us to accurately assess bone density and proper position for implant placement. This helps us to plan and perform the procedure more safely and accurately, optimizing the final result for our patients.

In summary, at our dental clinic we are proud to offer our patients the Ez3D-I RX diagnosis, an advanced technology that allows us to obtain high quality 3D images for an accurate assessment and an optimal treatment plan. If you are interested in learning more about this technology or scheduling an appointment, please feel free to contact us. We are here to provide you with the best dental care using the most modern and effective tools available.

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